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For the 11th year, Gypsy Star Band has graced our St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church Ethnic Festival 2016 with their wonderful performance. We are so blessed to have them perform for us and look forward to many more years of them gracing us with their wonderful music! May God continue to bless them with continued musical success! Thank you Billy, Belinda, Yolanda Bonnie and Steve!
Add me to your email list when you start touring again.
Once again Billy Keen delivers an extremely entertaining evening of great original music with a band of extremely talented artists surrounding him. The RICHEY SUNCOAST THEATRE N.P.Richey was the perfect intimate setting for their Valentine evening performance ! Beautiful, intriguing music that awakens your soul and takes your mind to exciting and tranquil places as well as somewhat haunting and mysterious places. The variety of music is amazing and that's due to the high level talent and passion demonstrated in this combination of artists. Each artist is truly ethereal in their own individual way from Rebecca's beautiful voice range/delivery and violin style, Belinda' s great vocals/percussion, Vail's great percussion, Carol' s great command of those keyboards/vocals, and Polly' s fascinating dance artistry. It is a great pleasure to watch, listen and experience and of course I could just listen to Billy Keen play that guitar for days. Thanks again for another great evening of enchanting music ! Nothing but the best for all of you in 2015 in GYPSY STAR . If you have not had the good fortune of hearing them yet, you must check them out. You are missing out !
Very happy to add Gypsy Star to the regular streaming playlist - soon to be on 96.7 FM in St Pete - at MusicTampaBay.com.
My friends and I missed seeing Gypsy Star Band at our home in Heritage Pines as it was SOLD OUT, so when we heard they were performing at the Port Richey Theater on Feb, 14th, we went to see them there. We all enjoyed them so much and can't wait to see the again.
Pollyanna, we all had a wonderful evening listening to songs, dance, and original music by the Gypsystarband band. Billy, was amazing on the guitar, Belinda's soft sensual voice was beautiful, and you were fantastic with the Latin dancing. You can tell Vail loved playing the drums and Jamie was soulful with the flute and his other instruments. What a beautiful combination of rare talent.
I had a fabulous evening tonight at the Richey Suncoast Theatre. It was an excellent night of entertainment featuring an extremely talented group of musicians. We thoroughly enjoyed every single one of the 6 members of "GYPSY STAR". All of the original music was beautiful, enchanting, and heartfelt. This band is serious about their artistry and I was with them every step of the way tonight as their journey to transport US to that ethereal state of mind unfolded. There's a mystique present in the delivery all the way with each player, many moments of precise feeling. Only great artistry and dedicated souls can take you there. Billy Keen has accomplished this with the right people. I hope there will be many future opportunities to see this group and highly recomend that you go see them. I left the theatre tonight extremely high and happy that I was able to leave with 2 CD' S ! Thanks for a super show Gypsies ! KATE McCarthy
A fantastic website....
Just saw the Gypsy Star band perform at the Palladium in St. Petersburg and thoroughly enjoyed them. They were a joy to listen to with such talent from every band member! *Notcha* ordinary band--a Flemenco dancer, too! A beautiful mix of sight and sound. I would see them again.
To Billy Keen & the Gypsy Star Band . My wife & I attended your Concert at the Colorama Music Hall to celebrate our 54th Wedding Anniversary on May 5th with friends. We all enjoyed your music very much. Shazadi & your Flamenco dancer made it extra special My dance with Shazadi was fun & I made $1.00--Rich M.
Really trully enjoyed your show at Colorama the other night..... Looking forward to seeing you all again...... & again........
Was at Colorama Saturday night and loved your performance. Pollyanna and Vail are long time friends of mine and I think you are all so very talented and entertaining. Your dancer Julie was just fabulous and added such a flair to the performance. She is beautiful and you guys blend so well together. Best of luck, hope to see you again soon.
Cinco de Mayo performance was great! We had a wonderful time. Shazadi was lovely and made the show that much more fabulous! More belly dancers!! Love it!!
loved your music at de paz last night
My wife and I attended your Valentine’s Concert at Colorama on 2/11. We found your act to be very unique and fresh! The musicians/vocalists in your band were amazing. We especially enjoyed the element of the belly dancer and flamenco dancer adding visual appeal along with the songs. Wishing they could of danced in more numbers… They were simply stunning! We purchased your cd and are enjoying listening to it. My wife loves the songs Mistress Moon and As the Sun Sets in the East. We are looking forward to attending more concerts in the future.
Hey guys, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your performances Saturday night. It was so good to see my dear friends Vail and Pollyanna and the entire band sounded terrific. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Loved Julie as well, she is a beautiful dancer.
I attended your performance at Colorama on Saturday and loved every minute of it. The music is so soothing and different. All of the band members are so talented, including Miss Pollyanna. I enjoyed watching Shazadi's belly dancing routines. She is a beautiful performer and her dancing added a lot of flair to the show! Looking forward to the next time!
Went to the Cabana Cafe in Dunedin this past Friday and saw Gypsy Star for the very first time, fantastic ! Billy, Belinda and Jaime's musical and vocal talents blended perfectly. Their new take on older songs was amazing, and their original music was unbelievable, could have listened to them all night. Enjoyed every minute of their performance and I didn't want leave. Had the privilege of speaking with Billy and Belinda between sets and they were as pleasant to talk to as it was listening to their music, Belinda's vocals sound just like Karen Carpenter. Thank you for an enjoyable evening and look forward to seeing your band again soon ! Mike Manzi
I had the extreme pleasure of seeing and hearing your marvelous band perform live on stage about a year past. I was undone. I never for got it. Recently, a Saturn Day in Dunedin, my Lady and I were strolling Dunedin, 3 of you were playing in a rather unattended audience at a small bistro in down town Dunedin. You made...our evening. I purchased a c.d., have been listening to it often. You know.....coming up to the bistro, bloke on flute, I was transported to hearing Jethro Tull, 1968, and then realized whom you were I mean are. Thank you, your music has uplifted me. I am a sculptor, play a Theremin I built, but, wish to meet again. Regards, Robert Dougherty President Street, Dunedin
Hello to all, Attended you CD show Saturday evening. What a wonderful performance by all. Look forward to the next.
Your music has a reflection of my youth growing up in NYC where my neighbors would come out on their stoops ( staircases outside) and serenade the young girls walking by. The music is so intense to my heart I would love to promote you, at my meetup site as well as my face book for FREE... and I AM COMING TO SEE YOU AT SEMINOLE CITY PARK ON SEPT 30th. I love Spanish Guitar and the sounds of it. I feel almost back at home, with the love of what you produce. I intend to buy several copies of your music to give to my family for the holidays. This is music that I can do my work with( i am a seed bead embroidery artist) and I can create wonderful works of art by the motions of your music and the meanings it all stands for. Thank you for finding us in Seminole, We are a diverse little quiet city, far from the beaches but thriving to be known to everyone. You will come to love our little quiet unheard of city now hopefully you will continue to stay with us, and allow us to move you along to House Concerts. This is where I found alot of nice concerts at the least... Hopefully they can bring a hat so we can give you some donations, for your wonderful music and talents. God Bless, and take care, Bellas! Linda Please put us on your mail list !!
You folks put on a great show tonight! I'm listening to and enjoying your first CD as I write this, which I purchased at the Cabana in Dunedin after your show tonight. I look forward to seeing you perform again and getting your new CD as soon as it's ready. Ron
Thursday, Cinco De Mayo!! Really enjoyed seeing you again. Love what you do. Can't wait to see all of you together in a different venue where you can really shine! Take care, stay well. Fondly, Jan
Great website.....I talked to Pollyana at HP, where I am a resident. If you any help with your site let me know...
I really enjoyed the music tonight at Colorama!!! Hope you play there again!
Hey Guys, My Wife Denise and I were at the St. Joan Of Arc's festival last week. We really liked the group and your music. We found it to be a nice combination of music styles and sounds, so much so, that we will be ordering a copy of your CD. A special hello to Belinda! It was nice to see you on stage again after so long. It brought back many fond memories! God Bless you all, and hope that you do well with the group and your style of music. As for me I really liked the Spanish guitar sound!
Wish I could come see you tonight at Hernando Beach Open Market. I'm sure it will be a fabulous show!
Love your sound!
Great pictures!!! Love you Vail!!
where have you guys been these past 23 years??? beautiful sound! see you next week ! Dios te bendiga Polly!
Wow, love your sound! Can't wait so see/hear you live!
I saw Gypsy Star for the first time at the St. Joan of Arc Ethnic Festival this past weekend. Wow! You guys were great! I will definitely be ordering a CD. :D
One of my absolute favorite CD's. How refreshing. The music is soothing and inspirational and WOW what a voice Belinda has!
This group plays very professionally and has exceptional talent. The style is smooth, mellow and restful. They keep it interesting and thought provoking. TOTALLY enjoyable. Keep up the great work!
Hey, i found you guys I'm from chicago gonna spread the word about you up here
way to go, I like the style of music you guys do.
my friend Despina told me about you yesterday and I was fortunate enough to see you perform last night at The Zone in Tarpon. I absolutely fell in love with this wonderful band. The music is rich with warm, exotic, beautiful sounds and vocals. I bought the c.d. and love it!! I will spread the word!
The ticket office Ruthie's will be there to ring in the new year with you! You totally rock!!
Wow! We saw and met you at the New Port Richey Christmas Parade Concert... What a great sound and impressive performance!
Serpico,my man!Great stuff!Go get 'em,Q......
WoW! looking foward to your CD release. Nice to hear something refreshing! No doubt you will succseed. Daniel LaFaso
Hello, Your new CD is Great ,I have listened several time and haven`t get tired of it,like some music sometime we listen,it is lots of fun and pleasure,hope you get rich with it, you could.. good luck and thanks for the great music. very nice home page
As I've said before, I love your music and I can't wait for the CD release party. Your awesome talent allows us to sit back, relax, and enjoy!
I found your music - and the singing - delightful! When will that CD be available? The Web site is awesome - so creative and professionally done.
WOW!!! What an outstanding web-site. Very impressive and creative photos of the band. You seem to be headed in a very exciting and promising future. Your music is great and you all are very driven and talented. Blessings for a bright future.
Absolutely amazing. What a beautiful performance I witnessed on Saturday morning Aug. 25 at Ruth Eckerd. This group is soo good, I didn't want to leave. Lead singer has a beautiful voice. The remake of the Beatles "64" was outstanding. I sang along just like I was a kid. Glad I found your website. You have a new fan. Let me know when the CD comes out!
Very enjoyable band. Looking forward getting a CD, and hearing you play again.
If you haven't heard Gypsy Star don't miss their next perfromance August 24th at Ruth Eckerd Hall. This local band is definitely headed for stardom! The harmony is heavenly both the vocals and instruments. And instruments there are enough for 2 groups all played with precision and passion by 5 musicians. Each one is a star in their own right! Godspeed Gyspy Star!!
Heard you this evening at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Very nice! Do you play at any other venues locally?
I finally got to hear your amazing band! Amazing isn't even the best word to use. Belinda has an warm inviting voice. The talent of everyone in the band is top notch! For me, it wasn't just about listening to really great music - it was also about how the music touched me - down in my soul. Another thing, as I watched you perform - I saw how much you enjoyed what you were doing and it made me enjoy the experience even more! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN I CAN GET A CD! Did I say PLEASE?! I am a true fan of Gypsy Star! Can't wait to see you again!
I enjoyed your music very much, is was a fun time and the music was well played. Is easy to see all the talent that is in everyone of you. (lets do it again soon) Sincerely, best wishes
What an EXCELLENT band! The mix of rich vocals matched with the instrumental clearly reflects their talent & experience. Gypsy Star fills the void in what is missing from musical bands today. I am definitely a fan and look forward to following their career and watch their star continue to sparkle!!!
GYPSY STAR! You ROCK! I can't wait to hear your music again and buy your new CD! I've heard nothing but amazing comments about your performances at the Heart and Steely Dan concerts, and I know the praise is all well deserved! All the best... Crystelle Miranda
What a wonderfully eclectic and fun mix of '60s favorites, Celtic and Middle Eastern music! Great vocal solos and harmonies. Masterful treatment of classic tunes and some very pleasing original melodies as well. A terrifc blend of instruments and a sound that's upbeat and a treat for the ear.
Loved hearing you before the steely Dan concert-what a treat!!! Please put me on a mailing list for local dates so that I could see you again!!

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